Pumpkins anyone?

2010-10-30   1 Comment  

a little too much butter, but a deliciously soft gnocchi

First, a scary thing  I heard this week.

“I haven’t eaten butter in two years.  I just don’t want it.” – my evolutionary biologist professor.

EEEEEK AAAAAAAAAAAAH this was honestly scarier than any one of Matt’s horror movies.  Can you imagine it?  Being happy without butter in your life.  After hearing this I decided this woman and I would never see eye to eye on the subject of food.  She went on to talk about how salads are a concoction of her dreams and expressed the word sugar like it was the dirtiest of words.  And then I watched Bones last night and realized who my professor reminds me of.  She is a Temperance Brennan, of sorts, eating what is the most logically and scientifically founded and abhorring the rest, lacking any sense of loss at not enjoying these “bad” foods.  If you don’t watch Bones, you should and if you ever consider giving up butter you will be dead to me.  The end.

Well not quite.  In honor of Halloween I decided to capitalize on the overabundance of cheap squash in the grocery store.  I bought a long neck pumpkin, cut it in half and half again and roasted it at 400 F till a fork slid in without any problem.  I peeled off the skin, which was really easy after it was roasted, and chopped it into chunks.  I used a blender to break up the pieces after unsuccessfully trying to do it with a fork.  I then pulled up this recipe from the Steamy Kitchen.  The recipe called for canned pumpkin, but I felt like having the option of using fresh was just nicer all around.

Like the recipe says I mixed the 1/2 cup of ricotta, 1/2 cup of pumpkin, 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese, 1 egg yolk, and 1 tsp Kosher salt.  I then started to slowly add the cup of flour.    I can honestly say I have never pan fried gnocchi, but I followed the directions, rolled out the gnocchi, chopped it into pieces, and heated a pan with 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp of olive oil.  The gnocchi crisped beautifully.  I couldn’t find sage so I made a brown butter sauce with rosemary.

Between frying the gnocchi in butter and pouring on the brown butter sauce, the gnocchi tasted a little salty to me.  I doubled the recipe so I have another batch of dough waiting for me to experiment with.  I may try a lemon sauce or a brown sugar glaze.  I am not quite sure yet, but I will certainly let you know.

So while giving up butter would be worse than me running into Freddy Kruger, it takes a butter lover to know when butter might not be the best option with a dish.  The pumpkin gnocchi were amazing and made me want to test out different kinds of squash, but it just deserved a less buttery finish to highlight its delicate flavors.

Happy Eating!!!